- A more efficient working day

About the project

Bluerange SharePoint App is an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that is laid as a layer between SharePoint and the user. The application has steered up and greatly streamlined OpenUp's daily work.

Bluerange have delivered a “business system” based on Office 365 and SharePoint Online through our Bluerange SharePoint App.
The solution includes digital processes for various functions in the business that control and streamline OpenUp’s daily work and enables smart document management of digital information. Which has led to great cost savings while OpenUp delivers a higher quality.

Bluerange SharePoint App is easy to use and had a intuitive interface that is added as a layer between SharePoint and the user. The interface takes care of all input / output data regardless of where the SharePoint information is stored, which makes SharePoint much more easy to use than if you work directly in SharePoint’s own interface. The Sharepoint App is web-based, responsive and also adapted for smartphones and tablets, so you can access your processes, documents, tasks and more wherever you are as long as you have access to the Internet.

Bluerange SharePoint App utilizes all SharePoint’s operations / intrusion security features such as encryption, 2-factor authentication, etc.
Bluerange SharePoint App also meets the same important compliance aspects as Office 365, eg ISO 27001, ISO 27018, EU standard clauses (European Union), GDPR etc.


  • Facilitate the working day
  • Streamline work processes
  • Make the “system” and data available 24/7
  • Support all devices


  • Microsoft Office 365 and Bluerange Sharepoint App
  • An easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Web-based, responsive and adapted to smartphones


  • Efficient working days and processes
  • All data is safe and available 24/7 in the cloud
  • Great cost savings
  • Higher quality in delivery to customer