Trusts Bluerange as a IT-department


Habo Rostfria AB




  • High accessibility
  • High reliability
  • Support onsite
  • Cost effective


  • Overall responsibility
  • Server solution
  • Management and proactive work
  • Monitoring and managing both platform and clients


  • One helpdesk
  • Costeffective
  • Time saving
  • Focus on core business
  • Continuously develop, improve and streamline the IT infrastructure

Habo Rostfria, like many other companies, needs IT solutions that support widely differing tasks in several types of work environments and on different workplaces. At Habo Rostfria there are constantly a need to contact the company’s apprehension applications to handle their assignments.

The requirements were to maintain and develop the operation of the server platform containing business systems, business applications, clients and user support. The assignment also included delivery, configuration and installation of hardware and software.

The solution includes that Bluerange is the IT department. We have staff on site for regular maintenance and development of their IT environment. Through regular visits, the staff also get the support they need in their use of the systems.

The solution also includes Bluerange Bphast – a central system for monitoring and updating spam / virus protection on clients, as well as monitoring and alarm management of the central server environment and network devices such as switches, routers, firewalls, etc.
With Bluerange Bphast, we can offer a proactive maintenance work where we can in good time detect negative trends that will affect operating stability without any measures, and more quickly identify and remedy alarms that have arisen.

By our Helpdesk and case management system, Habo Rostfria gets a filter and can call a phone number and get help with all parts, whether it be server, clients, user support or web. The solution also includes regular operational meetings for reviewing operational status reports and reconciliations with the management to continuously develop, improve and streamline the IT infrastructure.