Cloud services:

scalable and secure IT services

Cloud services:

scalable and secure IT services

There are many different types of cloud services. Usually, the user does not need very powerful computers or software other than operating systems, browsers and a set of programs running through the browser. If all data management takes place within the framework of the cloud service, the user does not need to maintain other application programs or server computers.

We at Bluerange help you maximize your public cloud and traditional infrastructure for our industry-leading cloud service. We help you move services to the cloud and thus modernize the programs and safely manage your environment. Explore our services for cloud, infrastructure, data center, storage and hardware.


  1. Storage in Sweden under Swedish law
    By using a Swedish cloud service, which develops its own services and stores all information in Sweden, you get a cloud service that is subject to Swedish law.
  2. Easier to follow GDPR
    By using an all-Swedish cloud service (which is subject to Swedish law), it will be easier for you to comply with the GDPR as you do not have to worry about the possible impact of foreign laws over time.
  3. Work in several platforms store in Sweden, under Swedish law
    By supplementing your cloud services with an all-Swedish cloud service, you can continue to work in, for example, Microsoft 365 but store and share the company’s files under Swedish law.
  4. Swedish support
    By hiring an all-Swedish cloud service, you should also receive Swedish support. With Bluerange you get it anyway. In addition, we help you with both the right solution and getting started if desired.

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