New web hosting witt SSL

New web hosting with SSL

New web hosting with SSL

Two birds with one stone! New web hosting and free SSL via Let’s Encrypt.

Let us help you get a more secure site by lifting you to our new web hosting.

As of October 2017, Chrome version 62 as a browser will start to warn of websites that use some type of input field if these are served over http and not https.


Https help prevent unauthorized people from manipulating communications between your sites and users’ browsers, and also from passively listening to communications between your sites and your users.

The risk you are exposed to if you do not use an SSL certificate is a poorer indexing of the website in the search results and also that in the future it will be marked as unsafe with red flagging in the browser window.

A mobile-friendly website with an SSL certificate ranks higher by Google in the search results as the website is considered secure.

Bluerange has for some time now renewed its web hosting and now offers, free SSL certificate with auto renewal of 3 months in the shock. The supplier of these is Let’s Encrypt.

As a customer of Bluerange, there is of course an opportunity for you to take part in this, contact us today and we will review the possibilities for your website.