We believe in the power and responsibility of business, working in partnership with government and civil society, to create a prosperous and sustainable economy. We believe that leadership is key to making this transition.

This transition will be a global process so we work internationally, partnering with companies of all shapes and sizes to achieve it.

We know that strong leadership is key, both in terms of evolving business strategies and practices, as well as stimulating and supporting wider market transformation.

We understand the need to reconcile long-term sustainability with short-term results. That’s why we focus on both the journey ahead and delivering value here and now.

The Bluerange Green Data Center utilize a Smart Water and Cooling Management System from a nearby lake. In addition, one of the keys to our success over recent years has been our focus on PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness: the ratio of total energy used by a facility to the energy delivered to equipment.). Our Data Center score very low PUE levels throughout the year – which means the vast majority of the power consumed is used to run your applications. Not only does the low PUE support our green targets but it cuts costs which are reflected in the competitive rates we can offer to customers. 

Bluerange provides customers with innovation to help resolve pressing global issues associated with climate change and natural resource usage.

Bluerange values the tremendous talent and passion of our employees and we take our commitment to Human Rights seriously.