Selects Bluerange for new development and management of Orion


Lagagruppen AB



Data center


  • Upgrade IT to accommodate vehicle dismantling companies cross Sweden
  • Support the needs of various content distribution channels
  • Track over 5 million vehicle parts
  • Reduce total cost of ownership


  • Migrate to Bluerange Workspace as Service Solution
  • Deliver flexible and efficient end-to-end solution
  • Address security and scalability


  • Limitless scalability
  • Improved reliability and uptime
  • Enables more services to migrate to Cloud
  • Central Management

Lagagruppen is a central organization covering nearby 100 environmentally certified vehicle dismantling companies image throughout Sweden, they recover over 70,000 dismantled vehicles per year. It is through Lagagruppen’s subsidiary Berg & Ström which we have been trusted with designing, implementing and managing the new central platform for the Orion application.

Orion is a central database that provides vehicle dismantling and insurance companies and a number of websites all over Sweden with detailed information of over 5 million recycled vehicle parts 24/7.

“Bluerange is our preferred IT partner for a number of years and have managed and operated our existing platform. Bluerange has continuously provided a superior readiness operation, so it felt natural to turn to Bluerange for the development and management of our new platform. With the Bluerange specialist expertise in project management, engineering, operations, and management, we received invaluable help in developing requirements and specifications for the new platform.”

 – Thomas Forsgård, VD Lagagruppen AB

The first choice of the technical solution selected was Bluerange Workspace as a Service. The solution combines the entire infrastructure into a flexible modular operation which reduces cost and complexity and yet delivers the entire technology required for the operation.

We are grateful for the continuous support and trust received from Lagagruppen. Our long experience and knowledge in the marketplace will continue to support and develop solutions for Lagagruppen supporting their many clients being depending on a 24/7 operation. The solution is hosted out of the Bluerange Green Data Center with redundant infrastructure as well as independent Internet providers supporting full accessibility.

– Nichlas Melin, VD Bluerange Sweden AB.