Gives Bluerange confidence as a complete supplier


Pappersgrossisten AB




  • One partner
  • High accessibility 24/7
  • User-friendly
  • Mobility


  • Overall responsibility
  • Central server solution
  • IT consulting
  • Monitoring and managing both platform and clients


  • Overall responsibility
  • Central server solution
  • IT consulting
  • Monitoring and managing both platform and clients

Pappersgrossiten, like many other companies, needs IT solutions that support widely differing tasks in several types of work environments and on most physical workplaces.

In Pappersgrossistens business, there are office employees, store employees, warehouse staff and drivers who all, more or less, constantly need to contact the company’s apprehension applications to handle their assignments.

In addition to the basic requirements for well-functioning IT solutions, it was strong wishes for a comprehensive commitment for both the central functions such as the configuration, delivery, operation and maintenance of local solutions and applications as well as responsibility for communications there between.

Pappersgrossisten is not alone in their situation, wishes and needs. At Bluerange, we have taken this into account and have therefore developed a concept we call “Bluerange Modern Office”.

Our commitment includes the operation of central server solution in our data center, IT consulting in the workplace, delivery of hardware and software, Microsoft Office, Visma Administration, Visma Payroll etc. Together with selected partners, we also provide Pyramid ERP systems.

With our staffed Helpdesk, our case management system and our centralized monitoring system Bphast as the spider in the network, we take a total responsibility for the entire IT infrastructure from the central functions of our data center to the workplaces of the business and the individual user.

Bluerange Workspace consists of a number of different standardized and well-proven IT solutions tailored to each customer’s individual wishes and needs.

“We are, like all companies today, extremely dependent on a well-functioning IT infrastructure. Our customers place high demands on service and fast deliveries, and our systems must therefore always be available. Bluerange has been supplying this for several years, which is why we are now renewing our cooperation. 

– Daniel Larsson, Purchasing Manager Pappersgrossisten ”